The 1st Birthday

Before kids (a time I can’t seem to remember much anymore) I remember thinking I would never have a 1st birthday party, what a waste! BUT I do believe it is an important one to celebrate…especially for us parents. It is a celebration that we survived the first year and a time for close friends and family to really spend time with the one-year-old. So yes we do have a party but it will be small and pretty low key…but you know I still have to design some fun stuff to go along with the celebration.

I design so many fun themes for so many clients but when it comes to my baby’s 1st birthday I have a hard time deciding what to do and then I end up not a fan of themes for myself…gasp I know. I overthink this fact a lot…worried I am just a boring mom but I think I finally figured out why I have this no theme mentality. The rest of their childhood birthday themes will be what they want…trucks, superheroes, trains, you know all the things boys love. And I am great with that, in fact I love watching their interests and personalities come out. But for their 1st birthday I like to keep it simple, something timeless, with a focus on family and traditions. I treat every bit of the 1st birthday as a memory, a keepsake. For our oldest it was simple with red, white and blue sprinkled throughout and a hot dog bar. This time around I fell in love with the idea of an old fashioned picnic complete with old fashioned games for the older kids (and adults).

Here are a few photos that I am using for inspiration.

Stay tuned for details on designs I am putting together for William’s big day.


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