The 1st Birthday Invitation

original_marian-parsons-silhouette-beauty-horizontal_s4x3-jpg-rend-hgtvcom-616-462For any party I start with the invitation. I decided on an old fashioned picnic for William’s 1st birthday party so I wanted to do something classic and timeless for the invitation. And what could be more classic and timeless than a silhouette.

I have always been drawn to old photos, especially the classic framed silhouette. So much detail in a simple black side picture of a person. Ugh love it! I found a sample of a silhouette on top of baby blue gingham print which became my starting point.

So how to do silhouette of a baby? With everything, lots of patience. Trying to get William’s profile took the help of his favorite stuffed animals and at least 20 shots. Here is the image I used to create the silhouette. With the help of one of my favorite programs I cut this image out, turned it black and added some extra details like the shirt collar to create the most adorable little silhouette. I mean look at those little lips and nose, oh ok…mommy moment and back to the blog.W_1st_Birthday-1

From there I created the baby blue gingham background and added the text overtop of the silhouette. Graphic designers know fonts all crucial to a good design. I am a self-admitted over user of Trajan Pro. I just the love the classy look and I found the perfect script font to accompany it with a little vintage vibe to it.

All graphic designers know a good printer is the most important part of your design. Printers bring your designs to life and you both have to work seamlessly together or your designs are worthless. I found Miller’s Printing by suggestion of a friend and I get to spend my time on design and not worry about printing issues…you have no idea how freeing that is. Another good thing is for cards and invitations, they print double sided for free. So for the 1st birthday invitation, again I treat this as a keepsake so I included a photo of William on the back. My husband and I picked one of our favorite pictures of William. That sweet smile and pictured with his sock monkey, which is handmade by his Grandma Julie. And bonus is the history and vintage look of sock monkeys…just love (if you don’t know much about them, here ya go). To complete the back, I added a simple monogram and his birth date in fonts to match the front.IMG_8974.JPG

And right about now, non-graphic designers are thinking…I had no idea there was so much involved in a simple invitation design. But I just LOVE the way it turned out. It is exactly what I was trying to achieve. Now on to the party details, stay tuned for more pictures and ideas along the way.


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