2016…What A Year!

Wow, wow, wow…what a year it has been! With my business it is personal so I feel like my business and personal life are very intertwined. This year I worked strictly from home which has its advantages and challenges but even the hardest day I love my job! I’ve worked on so many different projects this year…from logos, postcards, ads, websites, social media marketing and of course, the fun invitations and card designs you’ve seen across facebook and Instagram. It has been a big year of growth for me…growth as in numbers of orders, clients but also personally. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and did 2 vendor events. For those that attended those events thank you for stopping by my booth and making me feel a little less nervous. It was a great learning experience to see what people are interested in and ways that I can expand my services. I’ve learned some new design tricks…that is what I love about my job…14 years in and I really learn something new daily. So as I reflect on all that was accomplished this year I am so thankful for my career and the flexibility it allows to help so much with my family. My family inspires me daily for new designs and pushes me to be the best person and business owner I can be.

I want to end by thanking all of you…thank you for reading this, liking and sharing my posts, your words of encouragement and all your support…it means the world to small business owners like myself! I wish you all the best in 2017…HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Jala Harris


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