I’m Back…

Here I am! When you don’t hear from me it means that I am swamped (I am not complaining)! It has been such a great start to the year…logos, business cards, flyers, postcards, new custom stamps, lots of wedding projects and a lot of new invitation designs. I just purchased a whole bunch of new fonts, new graphic packages (if you know anything about us graphic designers…this is like Christmas only better…I AM IN HEAVEN) and I have 2 new printers on hand. Graphic designers are only as good as their printers and I am so excited about so many new options that I will soon be able to offer my clients.

With that said I wanted to showcase some new designs, one of these will be for my boys’ joint birthday party. March and April are probably our busiest months. We have the boys’ birthdays, 3-4 other family birthdays, our anniversary, spring break from school, Easter and there is something else that I am forgetting. With that said I asked my oldest what he wanted to do his for birthday and he said go to Chuck E Cheese again with just the 4 of us. Ok easy enough but with some many other obligations these months I decided we needed to make it easy on ourselves and family so I decided we would have a small party this year to celebrate them both, so no one would miss out. We decided on an all our sports party. The invitations are going out this weekend and they are sooooo cute!

I won’t say which one we went with just yet but which one is your favorite?

Jala Harris


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